I want to analyse how integrated a line (e.g. road, stream) is within a network. I want to perform the "integration" type of analysis identified by Javadi (not the connectivity or choice analysis) i.e. the integration analysis performed by Depthmap (I've been unable to get the analysis to work in Depthmap due to presumably data issues).

I think I just need a plugin, but I don't know which one does this analysis.

Figure illustrating the difference between connectivity, integration and choice for a sample network. Taken from: Javadi, A., et al. (2017) “Hippocampal and prefrontal processing of network topology to simulate the future”. Nature Communications.

enter image description here

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I guess the plugin you need is Space Syntax toolkit. It is a QGIS plug-in for spatial network and statistical analysis. It provides a front-end for the depthmapX software within QGIS.


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