I am trying to insert some variable into a simple arcpy call using .format(var1, var2) as I would in a string. I am new to using Python 3.6, so maybe there's been some change in how this is done. When I run the following, I get a

ERROR 000732: Layer Name or Table View: Dataset '{}' does not exist or is not supported

error, which then causes an Execute Error for bad parameters. What am I doing wrong here?

  select = arcpy.SelectLayerByAttribute_management("'{}'", "NEW_SELECTION", "FIPS_CODE = '{}'").format(name, item)

I think that you should try this instead:

arcpy.SelectLayerByAttribute_management("{}".format(name), "NEW_SELECTION", "FIPS_CODE = '{}'".format(item))

If it works, I can explain what you did wrong.

If it does not, then I suggest expanding your code snippet to print variables name and item, before you try to use them.

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