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I recently upgraded to QGIS 3.2 and followed the install instructions carefully.

Under the raster and vector menus I have only 1 tool for vector and only 3 for raster. No analysis, geometry, geoprocessing tools etc...

when I use the main search bar to look for any of the tools I would have used in QGIS 2 (polygonize, dissolve, clip) I get no results.

python and GDAL were install as per instructed in the QGIS 3.2 README

Am I missing something?

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  • Check your plugins to see if it was deactivated. It is a core plugin now but it still needs that check next to it. If that's not a problem consider deleting your .qgis2 folder in your user folder. You might lose some other personalizations so perhaps you could just rename it and then restart QGIS. – johns Aug 28 '18 at 16:54
  • Also, which operating system are you using? – lynxlynxlynx Aug 28 '18 at 16:55