My goal is the following:

I'm developing a Django project. The goal is to locate places with a form. I'm using a CreateView generic view (maybe I should create it manually for more customization.

3 optionally ways to locate :

  1. by hand
  2. HTML 5 geolocation API
  3. External GPS (that gives the position to HTML 5 geolocation API or directly in Django)

The first is working well.

For the last point. Would I like to know the best way and HOW?

  1. I read location from serial with pyserial and pynmea
  2. I send to a Linux or cross-platform bridge to give it HTML 5 Geolocation API (external to Django project)


  1. An activation button that switches from HTML 5 Geolocation API to external GPS. Latlong feeds then the leaflet-Django instance.

I know this relevant post for windows but I need make it working on Linux.

use the web geolocation from HTML 5 with the plugin leaflet.location.

Django 2.1 - GeoDJango - Django-leaflet GPS: BT-747 (serial GPS)

  • I'm not sure how you are planning to send serial data to a browser. Pyserial shouldn't be able to send data to HTML5 API. – Vineet Menon Dec 29 '18 at 18:03

The GPSd can read serial GPS and feed Android geolocation API or HTML 5 geolocation API for Firefox.

firefox/mozilla, the Android smartphone operating system (from version 4.0 onwards and possibly earlier; we don't know for sure when the change happened) uses GPSD to monitor the phone's on-board GPS, so every location-aware Android app is indirectly a GPSD client.

  • I'm not sure if this is an answer, it appears to be a clarification of some part of the question – nmtoken Apr 23 '19 at 12:35

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