How can I take an image and orthorectify it automatically with open source software? The information associated with each image is:

  • camera specs
  • latitude, longitude, elevation of the camera
  • orientation of the camera: facing down off a UAV, roll pitch and yaw are given

I want to output a geotiff file and hopefully end up stitching the images together to create a map.

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    Maybe the GRASS module i.ortho.photo can help? – Micha Jul 13 '12 at 9:29

Open Aerial Map's wiki (http://openaerialmap.org/Processing) suggests


this link describes the use of the open source software Palentier , but i don't know the accuracy supported with this suite, and if it could produce DEM or just stitched photos.

i think the point cloud library could help too.


man check out http://opendronemap.github.io/odm/. this is an old question but it seems like these guys have a really workable piece of software now, i have not personally tried it yet but it looks good.

Here is a link to a youtube video of it in action:


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