I want to speed up my work. How could I get ArcMap to stay at my current zoom level when panning to a new feature?

What I am currently doing is using Ctrl+Enter to move through my attribute table and Ctrl+= to zoom to my point. However, ArcMap will not maintain my current zoom level and no amount of messing around in scale settings has kept it where I need it to be. Even if I have only the scales I want in the drop down it will still put me at 1:7534 anytime I zoom to a new point.

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Try Ctrl N. You want to pan to the selected feature.

See http://desktop.arcgis.com/en/arcmap/10.3/manage-data/tables/keyboard-shortcuts-for-working-with-tables.htm


Data Driven Pages is handy for this kind of task. You can use DDP tools in the data or layout views. Have a look at the Center and maintain scale option in particular. In your case, the layer you're using the attribute table to step through will become your index layer.

From the documentation:

Data Driven Pages gives you the ability to generate a set of output pages by taking a single layout and iterating over a set of map extents. The extents are defined by the features in a layer and are sometimes called tiles, sections, or areas of interest (AOI). The layer that defines the extents is referred to as an index layer. Any feature layer may serve as the index layer. You create and customize new Data Driven Pages using the Setup Data Driven Pages dialog box. This dialog box contains two tabs: Definition and Extent. You can activate this dialog box from the Data Driven Pages toolbar or from the Page and Print Setup dialog box.

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