In QGIS, I want to reproject a ATLAS BNA (.bna vector format) from WGS84(EPSG:4326) to UTM zone 37S(EPSG:32737).

I have tried all the options in GDAL/OGR Toolbox, GRASS GIS, SAGA GIS and QGIS Geoalgorithms. But, I am getting the output .bna file with the same WGS84(EPSG:4326) projection where it is showing an error as 'CRS was Undefined. Defaulting to WGS84'.

Interestingly, I am not even able to save a .bna file in UTM projection. But, I can reproject any other vector file in QGIS like .shp from WGS84 to UTM projection. Why is this issue only for .BNA file ? How can I solve this problem ?

What I want is the .bna file in UTM Projection.

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