I need to add a historical map from a website into QGIS. I installed the QuickMapServices Plugin and I tried to make new XYZ connections, but nothing appeared.

The website is: https://mapire.eu/en/map/secondsurvey-hungary/?layers=osm%2C5&bbox=2108467.652103985%2C6019839.160187972%2C2134246.039893161%2C6027482.863016489

I tried some variations of the URL too.

How should I modify the URL? Is there another way to import somehow this historical map from the above-mentioned website?

  • At first glance there is no WMS-service ot that map, therefore adding it into QGis requires a raster map (worst possibility: screenshot) which needs to be georeferenced. Or ask the provider whether there is a chance to get the map as a georeferenced raster. – Erik Aug 31 '18 at 11:53
  • There is some sort of tile service behind the web page (tiles.mapire.eu) but I don't think there's any direct access to the service – nmtoken Aug 31 '18 at 12:05

I think the quick answer here is that it's not possible to access the underlying tile service (tiles.mapire.eu) directly. You should contact the web site provider to see if they can/will provide you access.


I didn't try it but there is a plugin : web2qgis that claim to be able to do what you want

From the description :

Load a webmap directly into QGIS

Attempts to parse a remote webpage to import a webmap into a QGIS project

Let us know if it work in your case

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    You need QGIS3 for it, but it does not work on the requested page. It is able to retrieve vector data from a simple Openlayers or leaflet webmap (like those created with qgis2web). – AndreJ Aug 31 '18 at 16:43

The tiles are protected via special cooky. If you directly try to access tiles (i.e. https://tiles.mapire.eu/mercator/secondsurvey-habsburg/hungary/13/4526/2865) you will receive 403 (forbidden) return code.

Without protection the QMS string will be https://tiles.mapire.eu/mercator/secondsurvey-habsburg/hungary/{z}/{x}/{y}

In about of this cite:

We present detailed and accurate countrywide mapping surveys in an innovative way.

Never understand such "innovations".

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