I'm trying to load 4 markers at a time and timeout should be 5 secs for them and then new markers should come up and old one's should be hidden automatically. I have written this code and unable to proceed further. I have tried out Setinterval() and SetTimeout() but both of these don't seem to work. I actualy want to display markers and hide them on the basis of "date" which is a nested JSON Object but I don't know how to.

JSON data from an API:

   {"datapoint":[{"id":"H0031","In_time":{"date":"2017-10-24 9:41:17.783000"},"lat1":"24.55","long1":"71.75","lat2":"27.715186","long2":"83.323999"}]}
{"datapoint":[{"id":"H0032","In_time":{"date":"2017-10-25 10:41:17.783000"},"lat1":"24.55","long1":"71.75","lat2":"27.715186","long2":"83.323999"}]}
{"datapoint":[{"id":"H0033","In_time":{"date":"2017-10-26 11:41:17.783000"},"lat1":"24.55","long1":"71.75","lat2":"20.715186","long2":"89.323999"}]}
{"datapoint":[{"id":"H0034","In_time":{"date":"2017-10-27 12:41:17.783000"},"lat1":"21.55","long1":"61.75","lat2":"29.715186","long2":"81.323999"}]}
{"datapoint":[{"id":"H0035","In_time":{"date":"2017-10-28 01:41:17.783000"},"lat1":"28.55","long1":"77.75","lat2":"27.715186","long2":"83.323999"}]}


        .then((response) => response.json())
        .then((response) => {
            let datapoint = response.datapoint;
            for (let i=0; i<datapoint.length; i++) {

                let hlat = parseFloat(datapoint[i]["lat1"]);
                let hlon = parseFloat(datapoint[i]["long1"]);
                let glat = parseFloat(datapoint[i]["lat2"]);
                let glon = parseFloat(datapoint[i]["long2"]);
                let markerLocation1 = new L.LatLng(hlat, hlon);
                let marker1 = new L.marker(markerLocation1,{icon: greenIcon});
                let markerLocation2 = new L.LatLng(glat, glon);
                let marker2 = new L.marker(markerLocation2,{icon: BlueIcon});
                var latlngs=[];
                let latlng1=[hlat,hlon];
                let latlng2=[glat,glon];
                var offsetX=latlng2[1]-latlng1[1];
                var offsetY=latlng2[0]-latlng1[0];
                var r=Math.sqrt(Math.pow(offsetX,2)+Math.pow(offsetY,2)), theta = Math.atan2(offsetY,offsetX);
                var thetaoffset=(3.14/10);
                var r2 = (r/2)/(Math.cos(thetaoffset)),
                    theta2 = theta + thetaoffset;
                var midpointX = (r2 * Math.cos(theta2)) + latlng1[1],
                    midpointY = (r2 * Math.sin(theta2)) + latlng1[0];

                var midpointLatLng = [midpointY, midpointX];

                latlngs.push(latlng1, midpointLatLng, latlng2);
                var pathOne = L.curve(['M',latlng2,'Q',midpointLatLng,latlng1], {snakeArray: 5, color:'grey' ,animate: {duration: 2500, iterations: 2}}).addTo(map);



P.S- I have connected one marker to the corresponding one using L.curve function which generates a curved line.


What I have in mind is some sort of chain reaction: Add markers, hook a Listener on them and when they are removed after 5 seconds, add new markers. We will be using an Array Iterator.

// Creating an array of markers and making it iterable
var markers = [[48,16],[48,17],[48,18]].map(lat_lng => L.marker(lat_lng));
var markersIterator = markers.values();

I wrote up two helper functions and an Listener function:

function addMarkerAndTimeout(marker) {
  marker.on('remove', onLayerRemove); //Listener
  window.setTimeout(removeMarker,5000,marker); // pass mymarker as parameter to removeMarker()

function removeMarker(marker) {

// Listener function
function onLayerRemove(e) {

This triggers the chain reaction:

addMarkerAndTimeout(markersIterator.next().value); // trigger chain reaction
  • Yeah but how do i iterate over the nested json object i.e date
    – renny
    Sep 1 '18 at 15:55
  • I don't really get what the In_time object is for. I mean your example shows a date in the past (i.e. year 2017). Could you paste several json objects so that we can get an idea? Sep 1 '18 at 20:08
  • Maybe you need to look into the remove event. On remove old markers add new markers. Sep 1 '18 at 20:34
  • added some more points
    – renny
    Sep 2 '18 at 6:10
  • Also only one marker disappears when i use the above code with my marker's name. and the curve doesn't disappear
    – renny
    Sep 2 '18 at 7:06

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