I am building a small web map for a small community (15 users) with QGIS 2.18 and QGIS2WEB 2.34.0 (OpenLayers).

All layers (EPSG: 25832) in my WebMap are displayed correctly with OpenLayers. This includes shapes as well as WMS layers (match project crs and restrict to an extent).

Unfortunately, it doesn't work with Leaflet.

The base map is not displayed over the entire width of the browser window. The base map ends where the layer with the largest extent (aerial view) ends. What could be the reason?

enter image description here

If I deactivate "match project crs", the entire background is filled out, but individual WMS levels are not displayed. "Match project crs" must, therefore, be activated. "Restrict to the extent" does not seem to have any influence on whether the basemap fills the whole background or not. Tested both.

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