I would like to install QGIS web app builder plugin. I followed all the instructions in the website as closely as possible (installing Boundless desktop, etc etc.)

When I open QGIS for boundless desktop 1.1 as per this website and try to follow the steps I get the following error when switching to plugins tab in Boundless Connect pane:

There has been a problem performing the search: Network error #503: Error downloading https://api.boundlessgeo.com/search/matchAll?version=0.1&cat=BLOG,DOC,QA,LESSON,LC&si=0&c=20 - server replied:

So instead I tried to install the web app builder using Plugins>Manage and Install Plugins. I did find it in my list of plugins but when I click on Install plugin I get the following error:

Plugin installation failed:Error downloading https://qgis.boundlessgeo.com/plugins/packages-auth/webappbuilder.1.0.zip - server replied: FORBIDDEN

There is no material online which indicates why this problem is happening. What is going on here?

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Simply look at GitHub:boundlessgeo/qgis-webappbuilder-plugin

To install, download the latest release from the releases page and unzip it in the QGIS plugins folder at [your_user_folder]/.qgis2/python/plugins


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