I am new to the GIS Topic and I hope someone can help me in the following. I am looking for elevation data for the whole world in the form of

  • a database (Latitude; Longitude; Elevation(Level over the Sea))
  • in form of a colourmap (Bitmap or SVG) in Mercator Projection without any shadows. It means that each colour represents only its height.

Can you give me a hint where I can find it, or where to search for?

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Try to download free data sets from site like:


Or follow the intro at https://gisgeography.com/free-global-dem-data-sources/

Landsat imagery is free at less resolution, you could try with TerraSar-x price may apply on POI basis https://terrasar-x-archive.terrasar.com/


http://dwtkns.com/srtm/ Very user friendly website to download SRTM data

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