I am currently trying to cut a georeferenced TIFF image by using a Polygon as cutting boundary.

Both are saved in EPSG 25832.

When running the algorithm from the Raster - > Extract menu it runs and creates an empty Raster file, throws an error:

Error 1: cutline Transformation failed.

Also, the output Raster is set to EPSG 3044 instead of 25832.

When I open this empty file in the Foto viewer on Windows, it's just white. When I try to colour the pixels with 0 value in QGIS nothing is there. When I zoom to extend focus is on the right Spot where the Raster should be (but I have to set the right EPSG before - obviously).

How can I manage that?

  • Can you share the extent of the layers, as stated in the metadata of the layers' properties?
    – AndreJ
    Commented Sep 5, 2018 at 10:04


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