I have a site and want to draw an indicative line in a 5km buffer around the centre of the site. So I want to draw a circle with a radius of 5km. I have a tool for drawing circles and ellipses and rectangles squares and spirals.

None of these let me state the centre point and the radius.


As commented by @Roy, you could make a point in layer and then buffer it into a new layer.

  • Cheers. That is exactly what I wanted. Simple answer for a simple question. Panic had blinded me! – Ger Jul 16 '12 at 9:01
  • The workflow I have recently been using is to create the point in a Memory Layer, create the buffer into a shapefile saved in a temporary location, then copy and paste the polygon into the final layer. A bit long but works OK. – Willy Jul 27 '12 at 10:14

With mmqgis plugin you can convert your geometry type to centroids :

Plugins > mmqgis > modify > convert geometry type

And then just create buffers on shapes (through Vector > Geoprocessing tools) and precise the desired radius.

You got it


While developing a standalone qgis application, I shot help from QGIS Python Plugins Repository many times and it is very helpful. For drawing different geometries like Rectangle, Circle, Oval and Ellipse etc. this plugin is of great help.

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