I am rendering vector tiles and the roads are made up of many line segments. Each segment has a line layer and symbol layer in the vector tile.

I am getting repeated labels along main roads made up of many segments as shown below. Is there a way to space them out further?

I've tried using:-

padding: [100,100,100,100]

But this seems to have no effect. I'm using Openlayers 4 and have also tried in Openlayers 5 with same problem.

enter image description here

Style is essentially this:-

{padding: [100,100,100,100], text: "A19",  placement: "line", fill: ..., stroke: ..., font: ...}

I found a solution. It is not ideal but helps.

I created a global array

 window.labelcachearray = ['','','','','','','','','','',''];

In my style I then push label names to this array and return undefined if the name exists. I make sure the array shifts and this works well enough with repeated road names.

//prevent label repetition over last ten labels horrible hack 
positioning issue with road labels
           return undefined;


I know! I know! I KNOW!!!! There are all sorts of issues but for UK road names it works and I cannot think of a better solution outside of hacking Openlayers

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