Having two linestrings, one with overview path, which uses less points and draws incomplete line - Overview path. And then a detailed one where it loads a lot of points for correct route simulation.

I'm thinking of optimizing it with a deeper level, so it would show detailed line after certain zoom level for the distance of screen point A - B.

So theoretically I would need to get points where line and monitor connects and then redraw line so It would draw only from x to y.

Hare is what roughly the question is up for.

enter image description here

I would think this is useful for everyone, and it would be a big optimization issue solved. Unless it all ready have been and something floats around.

An issue with this would be a method to figure out how to locate the A B points of the detailed path. How ever it would be possible, to check which point comes closest to overview path that is outside view port.

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