How can I always get the current map's south-west MapPos and north-east MapPos when I zoom in/zoom out the map or drag the map? I want to create a dynamic bounding box for Carto Map.


You should use mapView.screenToMap method with screen corner locations. Here is Java sample, C# is practically same:

ScreenPos sp1 = new ScreenPos(0, mapView.getHeight() / 2);
ScreenPos sp2 = new ScreenPos(mapView.getWidth(), mapView.getHeight() / 2);
MapPos mp1 = mapView.screenToMap(sp1);
MapPos mp2 = mapView.screenToMap(sp2);
MapPos pos1Wgs = mapView.getOptions().getBaseProjection().toWgs84(mp1);
MapPos pos2Wgs = mapView.getOptions().getBaseProjection().toWgs84(mp2);

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