Ubuntu 18

I have problems with QGIS web client 2 features after install & configure w/ QGIS server.

I must be doing something incorrect with the project html link if I am seeing these issues i detail below, because in the demo all works correctly and the html links do not include wms request.

I see the html links in the demo themesConfig.json are like this:


So no capabilities request or WMS?

When I leave out the wms request from the html yarn does not want to reload the theme even after symbolic links for project source, wms xml, & mapserv.fcgi

I can only get the map to appear when I do the html link like this:


I assume this is the core of the issues I am seeing. What am I missing?


1: When I use print function, I get 500 internal server error after pressing "print" button.

  • test project has a print composer profile setup.

  • something in themesConfig.json or Config.json missing or incorrect possibly

2: When I click on the map the pop up window that would show map feature details in the demo quickly disappears and I am sent to a blank white screen and I must refresh browser to get the map back.

  • this feature was working with demo project sources & broke when I added my source

3: When I export RASTER & DXF I get "unable to connect localhost:5000"

  • same in demo & after I added my project source.

  • I see in config.json i need to configure proxy, but details are limited.

4: When I access QWC2 from another system on the network, I am unable to see the test project. The thumbnail and project layers are not showing up.



  • QGIS install was successful
  • can send WMS get capabilities and map requests.

enter image description here

  • QWC2 demo install was successful
  • all features working with demo project sources (expect export RASTER & DXF, I get "unable to connect localhost:5000")

enter image description here

  • I modified the themesConfig.json & the test project (world.qgs) displays in QWC2 locally on server:



This (w/ symbolic links):


enter image description here

enter image description here

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