I have 268 hgt-files from Viewfinder Panorama that I'm using to create an elevation model, but each of the files has its own min and max-value in Layer Properties - Symbology - Band Rendering.

Currently it looks like this:

Screenshot from QGIS

I found I can set the min and max of each layer manually, to get an uniform scale, but this is a hassle for all 268 layers. So I was wondering if I'm missing an option somewhere, or if im doing something completely crazy?

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You could build a virtual raster. Go to Raster - Miscellaneous - Build virtual raster, select all rasters as input, uncheck "Place each input file in a separate band":

enter image description here

Then change symbology of the virtual raster.

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    Aha. I was aware of the virtual raster, but I figured I had to fix this first Sep 17, 2018 at 11:53

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