I'm creating a project for the Esri community, that uses some Basic ArcMap license, to create tools that require an Advanced (ArcInfo) license.

Is there a licensing issue to do something like this?

It's basically a Python Toolbox, that has some tools.


If you're writing tools/code that only require a basic license to replicate functionality available with an advanced license then go nuts, people have been doing that for years. For example, the bounding containers toolbox which replicates some advanced tools and only requires a basic license is published on arcgis.com by an Esri forums MVP and moderator.

If you're writing tools/code that require an advanced license to run, you can still develop and publish them using a basic license but you won't be able to actually test/run them but users with an advanced license will be able to.

Either way, you won't be doing anything wrong, so long as you aren't actually copying closed source/proprietary Esri code.

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    Thanks Luke! That's super helpul, I was a bit anxious about that, no longer :) – Yoav Abadi Sep 18 '18 at 10:00

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