I am trying to create an animation using Time Manager for multiple vector layers.

Each layer is a graduated map of rent prices for a quarter of a year.

I have 8 quarters, each in a separate layer. 4 for 2016, 4 for 2017. I would like to run an animation that shows rent prices in Q1 2016 and runs until Q4 2017.

My layers have no date column. So I imported a csv with dates for each quarter, e.g. for Q1 2017 there is a column Q1_2017 with the value 2017-01-01 and I computed a join to this csv for each of the 8 vector layers to give them a unique date column.

When I run time manager I am adding a layer with the following settings:

time manager settings

When I add all my layers in a similar way and try to run the animation I get an error like the below:


Is it my settings or is it the join?

Does the date field need to be in the vector layer itself?

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    Images aren't searchable, so others with the same error message won't be able to find your question. Please add the error as text instead of as an image.
    – csk
    Commented Sep 18, 2018 at 17:10

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TimeManager doesn't support joined fields. This is a known issue.


In QGIS 3.14, you can use the Layer/Properties/Temporal to set the temporal extents of your data, Project/Properties/Temporal to control the temporal extent of your project, and use the Temporal Controller (View/Panels/Temporal Controller temporally control the visibility of the layers: QGIS options for controlling a layer's temporal extent

Project temporal extents

Temporally controlled view

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