I am researching soil quality in Zambia but I’ve been unable to find georeferenced soil datasets (e.g. soil samples) for my area of interest. Specifically, I want to get yearly soil sampling data in eastern province in Zambia that covers at least 5 years.

I did a lot of online and library searches and I found some soil database websites such as Soilgrids, ISRIC’s Africa soil property map, and Africa Soil Information Service. Unfortunately, none of these meet my needs for “on the ground” soil samples that cover 5 years or more, and these sites use interpolation/statistical models.

Is my best option to use remote sensing techniques to measure soil quality? I read that I can measure bare soil index from Landsat images. Are there other remote sensing techniques I can use to get basic soil quality indicators? I’m doing this for university research and unfortunately, I won’t be going to Zambia to sample the soil.

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