I have a polyline shapefile with several thousand polylines. Each polyline is within a polygon, and the Polygon_ID is contained in the polyline shapefile attribute table.

I need to figure out the maximum perpendicular distance between polylines in each zone. I'm not even sure which ArcGIS tools I should look at.

UPDATE: The closest I found was to (1) get centerline of blue boxes (2) rasterize magenta lines (3) get points of rasterized lines (4) for each blue box, clip points (5) collapse clipped points onto centerline of blue box using Near (6) measure distance between collapsed points to get max dist

To finely rasterize, this ends up being very time consuming (mostly step 5). The biggest problem is that a single magenta line that is oblique to the centerline produces an artificially high max dist

enter image description here

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