I am trying to deploy multiple ArcGIS Feature Service connections to all of the QGIS 3 users in my workplace.

Is there a way to do it using the Python API?

At the moment I'm manually adding the connections into the QGIS3.ini, like this :


but I would prefer to add them using Python if possible.

  • You can find the answer here. There is lot of expalanations available for adding WFS layer in QGIS. This might help you. Sep 21, 2018 at 6:28

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See qgis.core.QgsSettings

Instantiate QgsSettings() in the QGIS console and you can access all the settings as keys/values

For ArcGIS FeatureServer, try:

[i for i in QSettings().allKeys() if 'arcgisfeatureserver' in i]

which will show all the keys for the featureserver settings.

For each feature service [SERVICENAME] and parameter [PARAM] the key [KEY] will be in the form:


Which you can set using QgsSettings().setValue([KEY], [VALUE])

So for your feature service you would have

QgsSettings().setValue('qgis/connections-arcgisfeatureserver/[SERVICENAME]/url', [URL])
QgsSettings().setValue('qgis/connections-arcgisfeatureserver/[SERVICENAME]/username', [USERNAME])
QgsSettings().setValue('qgis/connections-arcgisfeatureserver/[SERVICENAME]/password', [PASSWORD])
QgsSettings().setValue('qgis/connections-arcgisfeatureserver/[SERVICENAME]/authcfg', '')

Then update the GUI with


I think PyQt's QSettings() does the same thing too.

  • This solution has worked for me. It should be marked as the correct solution. Sep 23, 2020 at 16:37

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