My input feature class is a county-wide dataset and the input clip feature is a township’s ‘section.’ I have 576 different ‘sections’ in which to clip the county-wide data out to. Though I dont have 576 different section feature classes to clip by, I was just using a definition query to select which particular section to clip out to. I would like to use ModelBuilder to streamline clipping 576 sections of countywide dataset.

How would I set up ModelBuilder to incorporate an iterator into the model for this particular case?

enter image description here

The above model successfully split a township's contours into 36 sections. I need to run it 15 more times to achieve my end goal. I need to add an iterator to batch split out the remaining 15 townships. I put an orange background on the items that need to have the expression or output filename changed when a different township is being run through the model.


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If you have an Advanced level license of ArcGIS Desktop then there may be no need for you to use ModelBuilder. Instead you could use the Split tool which:

Splits an input with overlaying features to create a subset of output feature classes.

The Split Field parameter's unique values form the names of the output feature classes. These are saved in the target workspace.

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