I'm a beginner.

ArcGIS Pro provides a wide range of maps/data via its "All Portal". They have a few excellent maps I would like to use.

Is there an equivalent service from within QGIS or do I need to subscribe to ArcGIS to utilise these maps?


NextGIS Web is server GIS, which features is very close to ESRI All Portal (if you mean this software). You can install it on your server or use it in a cloud.

NextGIS Web features:

  • vector layers with different styles (unlimited styles for one layer)
  • raster layers
  • external database layers (i.e. PostGIS)
  • external WMS layers
  • basemaps from QuickMapServices
  • ability to create own WMS, WFS services for desktop GIS
  • unlimited web maps

Also you can manage user rights for all you data (layers, maps, services, etc.).

There is integration with QGIS using NextGIS Connect. You can publish you QGIS map via one click.

Additionally there is the mobile client for offline work, also integrated with NextGIS Web.

See documentation.

Disclosure: I am a developer from NextGIS.

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