I've searched here as best as I could, and can't find a direct answer on how I could go about caching the map to speed up loading on zoom. It seems most caching options were introduced in 1.0.0 which I unfortunately cannot use (I can't leverage it at all per Windy guidelines) A live demo of my project can be seen at https://codespent.github.io/dcsg-weather-map and the codebase at https://github.com/CodeSpent/dcsg-weather-map.

I'm restricted to Leaflet 0.7.7 as I'm using the map provided by the WindyCom API for weather patterns. Is anyone aware of any references they can point me to that'll help with the zoom loading?

I do believe its the Windy overlay that causes so much of the hangup, but if I can at least better some practices to accommodate that'll suffice for me.

Primary use for this will be a 24/7 screen with reloads on a schedule in our operations center for quick reference.

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