I am looking for a way to automate conversion from .Shp to .Gpx. I know how to save a shapefile into gpx in a layer, but it would take too much time to do 1 by 1 as we might receive thousands of shapefiles that need conversion.

I am not very prone in coding, especially in QGIS, so does anyone have an idea or maybe even a code to make this possible with QGIS?

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    Do you have to use pyqgis or could you make use of the commandline ogr2ogr converter directly? ogr2ogr -f GPX out.gpx in.shp With a little batch scripting you can loop through the files/folder and convert everything in one. – Phil G Sep 26 '18 at 10:48

You can do this in qgis with gdal convertformat in the processing plugin:

processing.runalg("gdalogr:convertformat","input_shp", 16, "FORCE_GPX_TRACK=YES","output_gpx")

Now for your case you have a lot of layers, all you have to do is to make it in a loop

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