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I have a lot of position data from fishing vessels, from where I would like to detect fishing activity. Basically fishing vessel are either steaming, fishing or inactive. I uploaded an example of a typical days data here:


We can read the data:

l <- readRDS(paste0(myDownloadFolder, "Example.rds"))

Make it spatial with sf:

st_geometry(l) <- l$geometry

And investigate it with mapview:

mapview(l, col.regions = sf.colors(10))

From here we can see that they are basically fishing in two different places at that particular day.

enter image description here

If we plot a histogram of the speed, we get two distinguised peak, one around 2-4 and one around 7-9:

hist(l$speed,1000, xlim = c(1,15), ylim = c(0,30))

enter image description here

Is there a way to automatically detect the thresholds?

Only using points in that interval

inc <- l[l$speed>2 & l$speed<4,]

We can find time difference between those:

inc$INTV2 <- difftime(lead(inc$log), inc$log)
inc$INTV3 <- difftime((inc$log), lag(inc$log))
hist(as.numeric(inc$INTV2),1000, xlim = c(0,1000), ylim=c(0,100))

enter image description here

There will usually be at least 1 minute (60 sec) between each haul, but lets set it to 90 in this example.

stop <- inc[INTV2>90 | is.na(INTV2)]$log
start <- inc[INTV3>90 | is.na(INTV3)]$log

haul <- data.table(start, stop)
haul$length <- difftime(haul$stop, haul$start)

We can use hauls to get lines from the original data:

DT <- data.table(l)

setDT(DT)[,log2 := log]
#allow for data table merge - tidspunkt
setkey(DT, log, log2)

## Merge with blackbox data on afstid og anktid
pts <- foverlaps(haul, DT, by.x=c("start", "stop"), nomatch=0)

st_geometry(pts) <- pts$geometry

l2 <- pts %>% 
  dplyr::group_by(haulid) %>% 
  summarise(do_union = FALSE) %>%

mapview(l2, zcol="haulid")

This looks ok, but some of the hauls seems to consist of two hauls (Fishermen dont turn 180 degrees within a single haul):

enter image description here

Is it possible to use heading to distinguish when the haul should be cut (when they start turning and when they end the turn)? Would be nice to have a way where only straight lines are considered hauls.

This ended up in a long rambling - sorry about that. To conclude there is two issues I would like to have answered: - How to automatically detect speed threholds - How to cut hauls when they are turning.

  • You should cut this down to just your first question. I'd say that histogram had three clusters in it. If you did cluster analysis with a fixed number of cluster centres (2 in your case) you might get the categorisation you want. – Spacedman Sep 26 '18 at 13:30

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