I have setup MapServer (MS4W) on my local Windows machine, and can access the map with this link http://localhost/cgi-bin/mapserv.exe?template=openlayers&layers=all&map=C:/ms4w/apps/osm/basemaps1/osm-google.map

My requirement is I want directly jump to a lat long with zoom value and show marker on lat long.

I looked into OpenLayers and with a overview I think it is good for my requirement. How can I setup my map=C:/ms4w/apps/osm/basemaps1/osm-google.map with OpenLayers?

  • As I understand it the openlayers template is really just a quick way of testing/demoing your mapserver service, if you want to be able to go to a particular location, you'll need to drop that template and use a WMS or WFS, though even then you can use application/openlayers& as output format for the WMS.
    – nmtoken
    Nov 10 '18 at 10:52

Most probably you should configure MapServer as a WMS. To zoom to a location of interest you'd need set an appropriate bounding box and map image size specified in pixels.

You can check whether you already have a WMS configured (or part configured) by using the following request:


and similarly for a WFS like:


Let's consider a MapServer based service for India as below. There is a WMS configured as well but the output here is using the openlayers template:

MapServer service output using openlayers template

Let's say I want to have a link that goes directly to the small cluster of faults in the North.

I need to use a WMS GetMap operation to specify the area of interest, to zoom to that location, something like:


Which gives us an image/png output like below:

MapServer WMS image/png output

Or if you wanted an OpenLayers output you could change the FORMAT=image/png& parameter to FORMAT=application/openlayers& to give you:

MapServer WMS application/openlayers output

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