I have a simple model with a file gdb model parameter InputGDB, which contains a feature class fc1. Inside the model is a preset output folder and a template (empty) file gdb TemplateGDB, which contains a feature dataset template_fds and a feature class template_fc. A copy of TemplateGDB is made in the output folder and takes its name from InputGDB (using inline variables).

I would like to Append fc1 into template_fc with the schema set to NO_TEST. However, since the target dataset template_fc does not exist yet because the model hasn't run, the Append tool will obviously not validate. Is there a way for me to run the model without having to first run the first section, then validating to run the Append process?

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After numerous tests with Append in various models (and after my colleagues encountered the same problem), we found that Append will not accept an target that does not exist yet (even though the inline variables are filled in). As a workaround, I now have to append into a scratch feature class and copy it over to my output later in the model.

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