PyInstaller versions 3.4.1 and 3.5.dev0+268f57a06 were used to package up a standalone pyqgis 3 (Bonn) application. It fails when loading module hook "hook-PyQt5.QtGui.py" with the following errors:

  • Cannot find existing PyQt5 plugin directories

It appears crucial PyQt5 parameters are not set:

{'location': {'ArchDataPath': '/',
              'BinariesPath': '',
              'DataPath': '/',
              'DocumentationPath': '/doc',
              'ExamplesPath': '/examples',
              'HeadersPath': '',
              'ImportsPath': '/imports',
              'LibrariesPath': '',
              'LibraryExecutablesPath': '/bin',
              'PluginsPath': '',
              'PrefixPath': '',
              'Qml2ImportsPath': '/qml',
              'SettingsPath': '',
              'TestsPath': '/tests',
              'TranslationsPath': ''},
 'version': [5, 9, 2]}

These were set for Qgis 2.x versions' pyqt4 libraries. I am not sure where to report this as this is not exactly QGIS application failure, and I read that gis.stackexchange is THE place for QGIS programming issue, so here it is, could QGIS developer please help fix this issue. Or somebody could kindly point me to the right place/persons to report this.

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