USING QGIS 2.18 This question seems to have been asked a ton with lots of options.i just need to add some points/nodes/vertex to a line at a recurring distance along that line.

There are some options for use with PostGIS (Getting points along line at defined distance using PostGIS?) as well as an idea to add buffers (Creating points along line at varying distances using QGIS?) at each distance needed, but this would not be useful on a long line.

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    did you try ST_Segmentize? it's available in SpatiaLite, too (no need for PostGIS backend). – ThingumaBob Oct 9 '18 at 19:07
  • This is not a plug in.. what is it and where may I find it? – lowsparked Oct 9 '18 at 19:17
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    Have a look at the Processing Toolbox Panel. There are several tools that may help, such as points along geometry. – csk Oct 9 '18 at 20:32
  • Thank yo csk, now having issues with my Grass install:This algorithm cannot be run :-( It seems that GRASS is not correctly installed and configured in your system. Please install it before running GRASS algorithms. – lowsparked Oct 9 '18 at 21:09

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