I exported my webmap, using QGIS2web.

The QGIS2web already has a search bar, but the placement icon when I search, as it applies to my project, always shows below my uploaded raster images. When I zoom in it vanishes, because the size of the search icon reduces, and lies below my raster files. I used a series of images to explain.

Figure 1: I highlighted my uploaded polygon at the right bottom corner. The underlying map is OSM.

Figure 2: I searched for a feature, and the box suggested related features for me in the top left area.

Figure 3: haven clicked the enter icon to validate my search, I unchecked the images, showing the underlying OSM. You should be able to see the blue dot representing the response of the search

Figure 4: As I zoomed inward, the blue dot becomes clearer, radiating from beneath my polygon that I didn't uncheck.

Figure 5: As I zoomed further inward, the search response icon becomes smaller than my individual raster, therefore unable to show, as its default is to show under my polygon (this is what I want to correct. I want it to show above my images.)

Figure 6: To prove that it was underneath, as I unchecked my raster images, it became more clearly visible. Isn't it possible to just have the search function highlight my search feature in a different color, instead of using a dot to point to it, as is the case here?

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