We are trying to incorporate Geocortex Application with a third party portal (not Portal for ArcGIS) with Single Sign-On. Since Geocortex Security Management takes Windows Authentication/Geocortex Identity Server for User Management; we need to add an LDAP server to configure users and roles with Single Sign-On.

Here is a scenario explaining the same:-

There is a simple third-party portal with a button which when clicked redirects to Geocortex Application. When a user logs in to the third party portal with the credentials, the same user credential should be passed on to the Geocortex Application with Single Sign-On such that the user does not get the option to Sign In again in the Geocortex Application.

The third party portal authenticates users based on LDAP. Is this possible to implement and if so is there a way we can use this LDAP server to configure our Geocortex without getting any sign in the box?

  • Did you select Windows Authentication in the Geocortex Post-installer, or ArcGIS Authentication? If so, then it's my impression it should 'just work'. And is your LDAP implementation Microsoft's, by any chance? – Berend Oct 11 at 14:30

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