GIVEN: gisTable (Table) has a geom (geometry) column defined as follows:

    ALTER table gisTable ADD column geom geometry (Multipolygon, 4326);

I am attempting to run the UPDATE command below which is part of a function I am attempting to debug. The UPDATE command is as follows. my function not shown takes 7 arguments from a vb application (the table name, a primary id , an alternate id and two coordinate pairs (lon/lat) which form the GIS polygon to be inserted.

    UPDATE thisSchema.gisTable SET geom=st_asbinary(st_geomfromtext('POLYGON((37.98 7.51, 38.51 7.51, 38.51 6.98, 37.98 6.98, 37.98 7.51))', 4326)) WHERE mainid = '023456' AND altId = 'ABC';

When I execute the command above the error states that the SRID is not found or is SRID(0); however I am setting it in the st_geomfromtext portion of this clause.

Questions: Can I use POLYGON even though the geom column was defined as Multipolygon (above) When I modify POLYGON to MULTIPOLYGON I get a parse error after the first coordinate.

Should the POLYGON clause be wrapped in two (( and )) as shown above.

I have the following function I am using to update each row in gis_table' geom column;


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No you can not use polygon if the column is defined as multipolygons. For update you could use this command.

  UPDATE gisTable 
  SET geom=
  st_multi((st_geomfromtext('POLYGON((37.98 7.51, 38.51 7.51, 38.51 6.98, 37.98 6.98, 37.98 7.51))', 4326))) ;

I mad the following modification and successfully UPDATED the geom column

    UPDATE thisSchema.gisTable SET geom=st_geomfromtext('MULTIPOLYGON(((37.98 7.51, 38.51 7.51, 38.51 6.98, 37.98 6.98, 37.98 7.51)))', 4326) WHERE mainid = '023456' AND altId  = 'ABC';

The MULTIPOLY clause needs ((( and ))) and st_asbinary was not needed. Any other thoughts???

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