This is my very first mapproxy tagged question, so I hope it makes sense.

I am developing a WebGIS client in my spare time, and now I am mainly focusing on my first type of OGC service: WMS.

Everything worked quite fine so far except one big issue: I could not request a uniform format for any GetFeatureinfo. This is due to the specification (version 1.3.0) not having a default MIME type for the info_format. Everytime I receive is either a WMS exception or HTML data that display very differently from service to service.

I have to fix this problem and a quick search led me to MapProxy for the first time and I am very excited about it. Especially, this part of the documentation where it reads:

MapProxy supports XSL transformations for more control over feature information. (...) You can use XSLT for sources to convert all incoming documents to a single, uniform format and then use outgoing XSLT scripts to transform this format to either HTML or XML/GML output.

Please can anybody confirm this is one (the?) way to go for my problem, before I start to invest more effort during my spare time to learn how it works?

I must admit I still have to figure out what MapProxy is, but I guess I could even use it to speed up my WMS requests which are super slow (I am currently using CORS-ANYWHERE in my development env), but this is another argument...

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    I'm not sure you'll ever get a consistent GFI response, because service providers can elect to show different information even from the same service dependent on the media type, from not much information in a text/plain response, through attribute only information in application/vnd.ogc.gml to rich response including JavaScript graphing or summary stats in an text/html, and of course they can define other media types. You're probably asking for trouble if you want to parse and reformat in some consistent fashion for all WMS. – nmtoken Nov 19 '18 at 14:20

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