I am a new for QGIS, working in Python.

I add a buildings(.shp) vector layer into QGIS, just like this:

enter image description here

I'd like to get the geometrys of some features, then I can do analysis on the center point.

But when I use API geometry(), it returns me a empty geometry and I cannot get the center point. When I tried .hasGeometry(), it returns me a False.

My code is following:

path = '/Users/vctcn93/Desktop/export/canton.shp'

def SelectRange(px1, py1, px2, py2):

    layer = qgis.utils.iface.activeLayer()

    p1 = QgsPointXY(px1, py1)
    p2 = QgsPointXY(px2, py2)
    rec = QgsRectangle(p1,p2)

    layer.selectByRect(rec, 0)

    ids = layer.selectedFeatureIds()
    features = [QgsFeature(id) for id in ids]

    return features, rec, layer
    #retruns list<QgsFeature>,QgisRectangle,QgisVectorLayer 

def SelectFea(features, rectangle):
    for a in features:
        geometry = a.geometry()#here returns me a empty geometry
        bbx = geometry.boundingBox()

        if bbx.xMaximum() >= rectangle.xMaximum() \
        or bbx.yMinimum() <= rectangle.yMinimum():

    return features

Please help me on this problem, I tried a lot but cannot figure out.


Try using getSelectedFeatures:

Returns an iterator of the selected features.


layer = iface.activeLayer()
features = [f for f in layer.getSelectedFeatures()]

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