I'm using GDAL to create EPSG:4326 geometries (polygon or multipolygon) from MODIS rasters in sinusoidal. The script below works for tiles on the antimeridian (returning a multipolygon split by the antimeridian) except for vertical bands v00, v01, v16, and v17:

gdal_translate 'HDF4_EOS:EOS_GRID:"MCD43A4.A2017174.h13v01.006.2017187183922.hdf":MOD_Grid_BRDF:Nadir_Reflectance_Band1' band.tif
gdaltindex -tileindex location band-extent.shp band.tif
ogr2ogr  -segmentize 100000 -t_srs EPSG:4326 -lco RFC7946=YES -lco WRITE_BBOX=YES band-epsg4326.geojson band-extent.shp

In those 4 bands, I get a Polygon instead of a MultiPolygon, but with coordinates that would seem to be correct were it not for the "connecting" square in the middle:


Perhaps there's GDAL flag that I'm missing? Or maybe those polar regions need to be handled specially?

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The issue turned out to be the "segmentize" value -- decreasing this to 25000 resulted in a correct MultiPolygon.

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