I uploaded an asset (which was originally a shapefile of points) and imported it into my script as a feature collection. I would like to compute the convex hull of the points, but it seems this function is only available for geometry objects. I have been trying several methods to convert the feature collection to multi-point geometry, but nothing seems to be the correct incantation. How would one convert a feature collection to multi-point geometry (or am I missing the mark in how I'm approaching this)?

I'm open to any GEE solution that accomplishes the main goal.

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I am not sure what you want to do exactly, as that is missing. But I guess the problem is you want use convexHull(maxError, proj), which is available on ee.Feature and ee.Geometry. You say you actually have a ee.FeatureCollection, therefore you will need to map every feature of the feature collection to use the convexHull. This would look something like this.

var newFeatures = uploadedAsset.map(function(x){
  return ee.Feature(x.convexHull());

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