Being totally new with PostGIS, I am trying to UPDATE one of my column on my table.

The column itself is called 'center_point' with type of GEOGRAPHY(Point,4326)

UPDATE cities
SET center_point = st_setsrid(st_makepoint(-6.28381815,106.804863491948),4326) WHERE id = 1;

Upon verifying the result:

SELECT id, st_asgeojson(shape) AS "geojson", st_asgeojson(center_point)
FROM cities WHERE id = 1;

I am getting a different output: The coord does not match with what i entered

  • It says that the coordinate is -6.283... , 73.1951...

  • Where i am expecting it to be -6.283.... , 106.80486

Can anyone help me why the result is different?

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    did you recieve an error? ST_MakePoint expects it's parameters in (X, Y) order, i.e. (Lon, Lat); you pass them in wrong order (there can't be Lat > 90°).
    – geozelot
    Oct 19, 2018 at 6:57
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    @ThingumaBob clumsy me. Thanks for pointing that out. It works now. Can you please put this an answer so that i can accept it. Thanks alot.
    – Jeremy
    Oct 19, 2018 at 7:17

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The simple answer:

ST_MakePoint, as most functions in PostGIS (and OGC conform software), expects the order of coordinates passed in to be ST_MakePoint(X, Y), i.e. ST_MakePoint(lon, lat).

Your second paramter exceeded 90°, so I assumed you mixed them.

Interesting note:

While PostGIS' geometry type doesn´t care for the input values of a given coordinate pair in a given CRS (it will happily accept INSERT/UPDATE ST_SetSRID('POINT(0 100)::geometry), 4326) into/on a table with specified geometry(POINT, 4326) column), the geography implicitly denies out-of-bounds coordinates and will simply substract the difference from the bound.


  • WGS84 (and quite universal) bounds of latitude is 90°
  • you passed in 106.80486°

  • you got 90 - (106.80486 - 90) = 73.19514

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