I have installed the version 2.18.24 in QGIS and apparently the plugin 'Digitizing tools' does not include the feture 'add ring' but it was replaced by 'fill ring with a new feature'. However, somehow I cannot create this new feature neither. Case this would work... if I want a hole in the polygon, do I have to create a feature and then delete it? Do anyone have some information on that?

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The add ring tool is part of the advanced digitizing toolbar, which is not a plugin but part of the default installation.

go to the menu view then toolbars and the 1st one is the advanced digitizing toolbar


Add Ring still exists in QGIS 2.18.23. I don't have the latest version but there is no difference between 2.18.24 and 2.18.23, because the former is just a minor update which will not remove Add Ring tool:

enter image description here

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