I use mapbox/tippecanoe to create .pbf tiles. But when I try to display them using L.vectorGrid.protobuf nothing is rendered, although I see that proper .pbf files are requested and downloaded by browser.

I suspect that missing options parameter is the root of the problem but I am not sure:

var layer = L.vectorGrid.protobuf('http://my_static_files_server/{z}/{x}/{y}.pbf')

Is it necessary to set options if I want just display vector layer represented by single polygon?

How can I set common options?

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I found the similar problem reported at https://github.com/mapbox/tippecanoe/issues/582 By default tippecanoe creates gzip-compressed tiles, but L.vectorGrid.protobuf relies on uncompressed. Running tippecanoe with --no-tile-compression option solved the problem.

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