I have a shapefile with 35 points and I try to have the distance matrix showing the distance of each pixel with each other. I choose the input and the target file the same and the unique ID fields are the names of these points. I try different combinations of output matrix type and number of nearest target points but every time I got the matrix that I intended but all values are zeros. My shapefiles CRS is EPSG: 4326, WGS84. I'm just sharing one of the attempts screenshot: enter image description here

I can not figure out what if there is something wrong or something missing.

I've also tried the same procedure with changing the CRS to WGS84 UTM zone 36 and ED50 UTM zone 36 but I did not succeed in getting any numbers. I've also tried enabling the on the fly with the same CRS (WGS84) and my projects Measurements Ellipsoid was the same CRS (WGS84). The results are the same table with all zeros.

Example output:

  • Change the projection of your data to meter projection like UTM as an example and then use Distance matrix. – ahmadhanb Oct 23 '18 at 9:32
  • @ahmadhanb I've also tried it with EPGS:32636, WGS 84/UTM zone 36N and the result was the same. – Ayda Aktas Oct 23 '18 at 9:36
  • Have you tried to load the Projected data in a new QGIS project. So that it can read the EPSG:32636 correctly? – ahmadhanb Oct 23 '18 at 9:39
  • how far are your points supposed to be ? – radouxju Oct 23 '18 at 9:41
  • @ahmadhanb I've opened the shapefile in new qgis project and the result was the same. O even disable the on the fly projection from the project properties. My points distance should vary from 15 to 600km. – Ayda Aktas Oct 23 '18 at 10:24

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