I'm unable to install FUSION in QGIS 3.2 on Ubuntu 16.04.

Andre Silva on Creating DEM from LAS file without using LAStools? says to use the same procedure as LAStools (up to QGIS 2.18 version). I've previously installed LAStools which work great. But I don't get how to do it for Fusion.

I've installed the Fusion .exe with Wine correctly. Then, as said in how to install LAStools toolbox in QGIS, unzip the FUSION plugin folder and paste it in QGIS plugin folder even if it is said to be only used for QGIS 2.2, but there is none for 3.2 (it is a 2013 post).

Nothing appears in QGIS toolbox bar or advanced configuration. Maybe it is because I've already installed LAStools. Any clues?



Now, there is a FUSION plugin for QGIS v3+ (credits to author Alexander Bruy). It is in an experimental phase (version 0.0.1) and can be downloaded from here.

It works the same way as the LAStools plugin, which means one needs both the plugin and the core software installed. See: LAStools plugin in QGIS: ''The system cannot find the path specified.".

Original answer:

As pointed out in Michel Stuyts's answer in Installing LAStools in QGIS 3.0?, it is no longer possible to connect LAStools and FUSION as providers in the Processing plugin since QGIS versions 3+ .

According to the QGIS change log the way to go now is:

The new logic will be to develop plugin providers that will be able to follow the external software lifecycle.

LAStools already has its own plugin since QGIS 3.2 (see here). FUSION does not have one yet.


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