I can write some metadata to GeoTIFF with gdal_translate using -mo, example:

gdal_translate in.tif out.tif -mo TIFFTAG_ARTIST="It was me" -mo TIFFTAG_IMAGEDESCRIPTION="This data my layer"

I suppose that it should be possible to do the same job with other GDAL v2.x utils (gdalwarp, gdal_calc.py, etc.), but I could not find, how. Is there such option?


Should I always use gdal_translate for this job?

The problem with gdal_translate is that it always creates a NEW file. I work with large GeoTIFFs. So just to add some lines of metadata takes o lot of time. Is there a way just to add Metadata to GeoTIFF without re-creating it again?

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You can use gdal_edit.py:

gdal_edit.py -mo TIFFTAG_ARTIST="It was me" in.tif

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