I have a table of around 800000 records with POINT geometry in PostgreSQL/PostGIS. When I directly open the table in QGIS, the attribute table opens fine and the fields are populated.

But when I open the View of same exact table, "ERROR" is populated in all fields in the attribute table.

If I reduce the size of the table or reduce columns then the attribute table opens fine for a View as well.

I dont know what is the problem. Is there some memory limitations for a view in QGIS?

This is what attribute table of a view of same tables look like.

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    I definitely think this should NOT be closed. It contains valuable information with the answer below! – Matthias Kuhn Oct 25 '18 at 12:35

Solved it. Memory was not an issue. QGIS was not able to get a unique key of that view. Placed that key in the start and it worked fine.

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