My task is to select some of the features in a layer so that the whole area of them can be near to a particular value. While I got trouble when using select tools in ArcMap 10.6.

enter image description here

enter image description here

For example I want to select the features in the pics above in the same time, while I don't know how to select them continuously, since when I select the features on the top and the selections of features under will disappear. I try to press ctrl as it works in Excel while it doesn't work in ArcMap.


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Even a better way than holding the Shift key on the keyboard, would be to change the Selection behavior in ArcMap. By default, each time you click on features it creates a new selection. You can go to the Selection menu and change the Interactive Selection Method for multiple choices:

  • Add to current selection (continuously adds to a current selection; requires you use the Clear Selection tool to clear the selected features).
  • Remove from current selection (continuously removes features from what you have selected)
  • Select from the current selection (self-explanatory). enter image description here

If you are selecting features interactively and want to select multiple contiguous (or non-contiguous) features at one time, use the shift key while clicking.

See Selecting Features Interactively for more information.

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