I want to create a point feature layer and add points. Around the point I'd like to add icons/symbols and labels based on data in fields of an attribute table.Example of Fields with and attribute table (fig.2)Point Feature with icons/symbols and layers (fig.1)

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    A workaround would be to create one point for each attribute and then use point displacement as grid. But having a solution for your way would be more elegant of course. – MrXsquared Oct 29 '18 at 0:34

You can work with a rule based symbology and use different displacemet values for each symbol in your rules, like in the attached image:

enter image description here

With some more work, you can add some datadefinded overrides for the displacement, for example: if phone=0 then change the y-displacement of the parking-symbol to 0 to avoid gaps like in the above image:

if ("phone"=0, '4,0','4,5')

enter image description here

for the callout labels you should use a geometry generator symbol, just search this forum for qgis and callout label

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