I have township polygons on a first layer and landmark points on a second layer.

I would like change the color of each township polygons when landmarks points are missing.

I can already select one polygon according its code think to the following script :

import processing
layer = processing.getObject('township')
query = '"code" = 99 '
selection =    layer.getFeatures(QgsFeatureRequest().setFilterExpression(query))
layer.setSelectedFeatures([k.id() for k in selection])

I can also change the color of all polygons :

symbols = layer.rendererV2().symbols()
symbol = symbols[0]

The attribute table of landmark layer contains the numero , geometry and township's code for each mark. Unfortanutaly some geometries are missing !

I need help to make a final script on PyQgis to change the color of only township polygons without landmarks geometry.

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